Our Mission

Inspiring a love of imagination and learning by letting students develop at their own pace in a nurturing environment.


Our Philosophy

At Imagination School, our belief is based on an African proverb, “It Takes A Whole Village to Raise a Child.” With this essential philosophy, our qualified teachers provide a motivating environment to expand the mind and explore the imagination of learning.  We encourage and work with the parents in incorporating their home values with the value of education. By working closely with parents, our school’s goal is to help students learn how to follow their curiosity, to think, and to work both independently and cooperatively with others.  We encourage and help to develop each student’s inner creativity and talents and ultimately to use the gift of IMAGINATION.

At Imagination School, we celebrate diversity and strive to install integrity, compassion, and confidence in each student.  We give each child support and encouragement to become his or her own unique self.